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Volkswagen Passat Spares Maintenance

How to Check/Refill the Battery Electrolyte in a VW Passat

If you have a newer Volkswagen Passat, you most likely have a maintenance-free, or sealed battery in your vehicle. If you have an older model of VW Passat, or if the dealer replaced your battery under warranty, you probably have a low-maintenance, or traditional cell battery. Regardless of the battery type, it's easy to check the battery electrolyte fluid levels at home to make sure your battery is getting a full charge.

  1. Park the Passat and turn the engine off. Pull the hood release handle located inside the vehicle under the instrument panel. Push the hood latch located under the hood to open the hood.

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  2. Determine whether you have a maintenance-free battery or a low-maintenance battery in your VW Passat. While the maintenance-free battery is sealed, the low-maintenance battery contains six individual cells with vent caps.

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  3. Use the hydrometer with its built-in eye to check the maintenance-free battery. The readings may vary with the manufacturer, but typically a green eye means that the battery is properly charged with plenty of fluid. A black eye means that the battery is low in charge and low in electrolyte fluid. A yellow eye means that the electrolyte and charge is low and you'll need to replace your maintenance-free battery from your VW Passat.

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  4. Remove the vent caps to check the battery electrolyte levels on the low-maintenance battery of your VW Passat. You'll find an indicator line on the side of each of the six cells, and you should check each one. If the fluid isn't up to the indicator line, add distilled water to that individual cell.

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Where to get repairs advice of Passat car spares and parts
Look for an experienced VW Passat car spares specialist that's been here for more than 40 years and you can inspect a car that have been restored here or get a customer reference.

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